Our goal in BAEC is to provide students with the resources and services necessary for their success. The resources we offer include:

Personal and Academic Advising

Whether you need to talk about what's happening in your classes or what's happening in your life, we will be here to help.

Computer Lab

We have 5 computers we keep updated with any programs you need to complete assignments. If you need a program and the program is not on the computer, let the coordinator know and they will get the computers updated.  

Presentation Help

Need to practice a presentation? Connect your laptop to the TV in BAEC. You can practice your presentation in front of your peers and get feedback. 

Free Test Supplies

We have scantrons, blue books, pencils, and other supplies you might need in order to do well on your test. We also offer GRE test prep supplies if you are preparing for grad school. 

Essay Review

If you are unable to go to the writing center (which we highly recommend), you can get help from the BAEC coordinator. 

Mock Interviews and Resume Review

You can never get too much feedback ways better prepare for starting your professional career. Stop by and we can help with basic interview tips. 


If you have any questions about any of the services, please contact us and we can tell you more about it. 


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