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The Black Academic Excellence Center (BAEC) is dedicated to encouraging the educational progress of students in the Black diaspora. Our program prioritizes creating an all-encompassing atmosphere. We cultivate students' development and achievements by offering academic assistance, nurturing a positive self-perception, and connecting our Black student body with various campus prospects. We achieve this while actively immersing them in the richness of Black history and culture through our annual events including Welcome Black to BAEC and MLK Jr. Legacy Event.

Mission and Vision

Mission: The Black Academic Excellence Center (BAEC) is dedicated to empowering and advancing the educational journey of students within the Black diaspora at Cal Poly. Our mission is to foster an inclusive environment that prioritizes holistic growth. We achieve this by providing academic support, nurturing positive self-identity, and facilitating connections to diverse campus opportunities.

Vision: The Black Academic Excellence Center envisions a future where every Black student at Cal Poly thrives academically, socially, and culturally. We aspire to be a pillar of support and a source of inspiration, cultivating leaders who excel academically while embracing their cultural heritage. Our vision is a campus community where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is the norm, and Black excellence is recognized and celebrated in all its forms.


  1. Academic Excellence: To provide comprehensive academic support that enables Black students to achieve their full potential academically, including tutoring services, study groups, and workshops tailored to their needs.

  2. Self-Empowerment: To foster a positive self-perception and self-confidence among Black students through mentorship, personal development programs, and self-affirming activities.

  3. Campus Engagement: To connect Black students with a wide range of campus opportunities, including leadership roles, internships, and extracurricular activities, promoting a sense of belonging and active participation in campus life.

  4. Cultural Enrichment: To immerse students in the richness of Black history and culture through annual events, cultural celebrations, and educational initiatives that promote cultural awareness and appreciation.

  5. Community Building: To create a strong and supportive community among Black students by facilitating networking, dialogue, and collaboration among diverse student groups and the broader campus community.

  6. Recognition of Excellence: To celebrate and acknowledge the achievements and contributions of Black students, faculty, and staff, promoting a culture of appreciation for Black excellence in all its forms.

  7. Continuous Improvement: To regularly assess and enhance our programs and services based on feedback from students and the evolving needs of the Black student body at Cal Poly.

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