BAEC - WelcomePicture of BAEC students at an outdoor boothing event

The Black Academic Excellence Center (BAEC) program is committed to supporting the advancement and excellence of Black students and Black student groups within the Cal Poly community. By fostering an inclusive environment, providing academic support, and promoting a positive self-image, our goal is to empower Black students to take full advantage of all the opportunities presented while actively engaging with Black history and culture. Having a holistic college experience is important to us so we encourage students to contact us with any questions or concerns. As part of the Student Diversity and Belonging division of Student Affairs, BAEC contributes to the University's commitment of supporting diversity for a more inclusive and welcoming campus for all students, staff, and faculty. 

Mission and Vision

Mission: Increase the retention and graduation rates of Black students on campus

Vision: Provide Black students will the skills and opportunities to be able to engage at Cal Poly academically and socially


  1. Make Black students aware of resources available on campus
  2. Provide Black students with supplies so assignments are completed on time
  3. Retain and graduate as many Black students as possible.

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